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Concise review of the AirGravers
after long term usage.

by Engraving Artist:
Adone T. Pozzobon

I've recently completed a .600 caliber nitro express double barrel using the Lindsay Classic AirGraver.  I'm so pleased with the Classic AirGraver It performed admirably during the 50 or so hours of heavy engraving that took place on this barrel. I ran the Classic at 10 p.s.i. at short stroke and porting virtually closed down. This reduced the overall power by at least 20% I found it to have more than sufficient power even at these settings to engrave in large format without any issue whatsoever. Meaning, the tool at these settings operated very smoothly and was very conservative in its air consumption. The Classic's feel has pleased me from day one and the more I've used it for my general to heavy engraving, the more I realize just how sweetly this graver performs. Even for fine shading this AirGraver scored high points across the board. In all honesty, I cannot find a single thing about this Classic AirGraver that I don't like. Typically, every other tool I've used, though all were pretty good, have always had one or more things that I didn't like. Usually it was in sensitivity and response in performance and overall feel. With other engraving tools I've owned and used / tested, I always felt that non-professional engravers had designed them. Please understand that I mean this not as an insult but rather a personal observation. I just find their feel improper to what my hand seems to demand. This is but one of many criteria I look at when making a decision for my professional career. This tool will be in my hands day in and day out and should feel as natural as if born to it. The Lindsay gravers are all that and much more.

I realize I perhaps make many bold statements. I do so because I believe in being up front and saying what I mean therefore meaning what I say! I offer my information as opinion and nothing more, it is up to each and every individual to address my comments as they see fit, and in turn make appropriate selections in tooling based on their research prior to any purchase.  When I use any of the Lindsay made tools, the experience is one of pure satisfaction. Without doubt one can clearly see and feel the difference of his design by comparison to those of other manufacturers. I feel this to be largely due to Mr. Lindsay's avoidance of mass production, commercial methodology. Instead, from my extensive communication with Steve Lindsay over the past 2 years I know that each and every AirGraver is treated as an art commission. When these tools leave his studio, they leave as polished art pieces in the same manner that his High Grade Engravings always have. This means with care, and pride. After all, at heart, any true artist takes an enormous amount of pride in what they produce. All his gravers are treated exactly in this manner.

When it comes to customer service, I feel there is nothing lacking. Steve Lindsay's policy is to always have spare AirGraver tools on hand just in case a client cannot wait 3 or 4 days while repairs take place.  If this situation should arise then a spare Temporary AirGraver will be shipped immediately. There are always backup tools in case such a situation should arise, that's customer service even before its required! Clearly if it were all about quick dollars rather than support, then there would never be a tool sitting on the side lines when even an older model as a replacement tool could easily be sold to a potential client. Because he is a professional engraver who deeply understands the needs and demands placed on artists, he then treats his clientele in the same manner in which he would wish to be treated should roles be reversed. Simply put, these AirGravers are supported very well.

So far I have spoken about service, and about the Classic AirGraver, but I have not mentioned as of yet that I have been using an original Chasing AirGraver for 2 years now and a Classic AirGraver for approx. 8 months.  The Chasing AirGraver though designed for light work has executed many engravings during that time span. It has seen close to 3,000 hours of engraving and runs as well as when I first cracked open the package and put it to use. Approx. every 50 hours or so I pop the handle off and pass a Q-tip through the inner chamber as well as the piston itself to ensure it is perfectly clean. This is not a full requirement, however, since much of my engraving consists of micro fine detail work, I choose to ensure that it idles, and performs by responding perfectly on demand.  Bottom line I do not wait for issues to arise, I prevent and inspect regularly to insure precision is maintained.

I've inspected pistons and anvils carefully in my original Chasing AirGraver and was most satisfied to find that there was virtually no wear to its components. I would like to state that I have put this tool through extremely arduous tasks in my initial tests. It has seen full throttle 60 p.s.i wide open stroke impacts into case hardened steels shattering graver tips. Tests have been performed on titanium in several grades, 01 tool steel, D2, 440 stainless, standard 416 stainless used in knife making and a whole host of more exotic gun alloys. The Chasing AirGraver also was used to engrave several complete rifles with extensive engraving as well as many knives and other items. Yet it only shows minor internal indications that it was ever used.  An updated new version of this AirGraver has been ordered and from the specifications available, and once again in direct contact with Steve Lindsay, I now know that the newer gravers are even better all around. I have no intention of parting with my original Chasing AirGraver, it now has its own bit of history and will serve me well whenever another artist visits my studio, in this way there will always be available excellent tools at hand. In closing, I wish to thank Steve for allowing me the convenience of in depth discussions prior to any purchase. He has opened up with me in a fashion that other businesses ought to follow by example. In my opinion that is the best service anyone could ask for and his tools are backed with long term dependability.  I consider his services an advantage for those artists and craftsman who are both fortunate and wise enough to know what they want and where to get it.

Adone T. Pozzobon

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