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Engraving Accessories

Metal Forming Domers

For forming metal to a dome shape.   Solid steel.  Wipe down with light oil after use to help prevent rust.  Use in press to form sheet metal. Machined for 10ga .135" sheet, however thicker or thinner will also dome.

Thanks to Wes Griffin for lighting a fire to make these Domers happen! 

Domers are available in two sizes:  

5" diameter, male and female halves both 1" thick, 10lbs.

3.5 inch diameter, male and female halves both 1" thick, 4.5lbs.

Use the set of "add to cart" buttons according - if your shipping address is outside or within USA.  Within USA we use USPS flat rate box $13.60 shipping.  Note: If ordering both sizes it will charge you 13.60 times 2.  We will refund one since we can fit both in the flat rate box.

 5 Inch Domer $136 (Within USA)

 3.5 Inch Domer $93 (Within USA)


 5 Inch Domer$136 (Outside USA)

 3.5 Inch Domer $93 (Outside USA)

Chasing hammer heads
38 Grams, 1-7/16" long
Click photo to enlarge


These small chasing hammer heads are artfully designed with a fine finish.  Hammer handles are in the works, however a nice wood handle can be a fun project for the craftsman.  They are made from 4140 chrome-moly and hardened to 30 Rockwell C.  4140 at 30RC can be engraved, but it is pretty tough stuff.   $52.50 .

$52.50 each

Spin this lap to demagnetize gravers or other small metal objects. To use, hold the object to be demagnetized close outer edge of the spinning lap and pull the object straight away while it is spinning.


Comes with a 1/2" hole in the center so that it can be mounted on a power hone. Or it can be mounted on a "mandrel lap adapter" (sold above) so that a drill press or electric hand drill can be used to spin the lap. Big thank you to Paolo for his contribution and help with this lap!
Forum thread about the Anti-MagLap

 Anti-MagLap $46

Border Scribe

Border Scribe

Used to layout (scribe) borders around the profile of a part.




Used to layout (scribe) borders and divide geometric designs for layout. 


AirGraverŽ Mini Stone Holder

Special thanks to Chris DeFlorentis for the inspiration in creating a stone holder for the AirGraverŽ
Thread about the holder on the engraving

The size of stones the holder is made for are:
.3mm (.012") square - full length Artco.com $4.50 each
.5mm (.020") square - full length  Artco.com $4.50 each
.5mm x 1mm - partial length Gesswein.com $9.95 each
Available grits 180 through 1200 

AirGraverŽ Mini Stone Holder
(stones not included) $49.00


This stone holder is for the  the Classic AirGraverŽ (foot control model or PalmControl model).  Use the holder in the AirGraver for finishing surfaces of sculpture carving and engraving. The AirGraver's unique action of isolated fast ultrasonic like movement works great for use with finishing stones.  Use the stones in hard to reach areas to smooth surfaces. Tip: Impacts per minute of AirGraver should be set at a 6000 to 10,000 range. Set the Classic's adjust ring toward a shorter stroke with the standard or light weight stainless pistons. Click speed chart below

Pin Vise

Pin Vise: Used to hold small diameter scribe.  NOTE: 1/16" diameter friction fit carbide dental burs sharpened into a point on a diamond lap or stone work great for a small strong scribe or even a Bulino dot tool. Such points are also used for scrimshaw.


Jett Ballistic
Thermoplastic materials used for fixturing in jewelry are patented by Tyler Teague. US Patent 5,715,589
Mr. Teague has been in the forefront of improving jewelry manufacturing world wide for over 35 years.  For more about Mr. Teague and his work please visit ProtoProducts.com 

Jett Ballistic is the latest fixturing material from Tyler Teague.  It uses the strength of Kevlar (also used in bullet proof vests) along with thermoplastic.  This unique material results in a durable compound for jewelry and engraving fixturing.  For example, it can be used for holding rings while stone setting and for other hard to hold objects while engraving. 

Jett Ballistic 1lb.


Engraver's Sanding Block
2.5" long x 0.5" wide.

The above knife blade was finished and lined with 2000 grit silicon carbide paper available at auto parts stores
Theads on the Engraving forum about the sanding block:

Engraver's Sanding Block
For securing sandpaper strips. Length of the sanding block is 2.5".  Holds sandpaper 0.5" wide x 4.75" long.

$149 (out of stock)
Add To Cart 

Use this sanding block to hold sandpaper and finish a surface in preparation to engraving, or for sanding gold inlays, etc...

Depending on the application and how bad the surface finish is,  you might start with  240 or 320 and work through the grits up to 1200. Change sanding directions with each change of grits and sand with that grit until all the scratches are cleaned up from the last grit. 320, 400, 600, 1200, 1500 You can take it one more step to 2000 grit for a nice line polish.  Silicon carbide paper is recommended available at auto parts stores.

Coming soon
Dual Axis Ring Holder
in single or dual Axis 
Clamp this in a vise and use for inside ring engraving.
Dual axis to easily tilt a ring without need of tilting the vise or re-clamping in the jaws.

Click photo to enlarge


Coming soon
Dual Axis Ring Holder

for inside ring engraving
Available in single or dual Axis. 
Dual Axis $
Single Axis $


Old 1912 patented
Ring Holder, Posted by Kevin Scott on the antique tools section of the engravingforum

Practice Brass Ring Blanks direct from RicoGrande.com
Ring size: 10

1-2   12packs  $6.95
3-5    12packs $6.25
6-11   12packs $5.55

Order direct from

Colored graver beads

Slip these over your graver to help identify
your various graver point.  (Graver in photo not inclded)



These are free when placing an order with something else on the website.  During checkout just write a note that you would like a bag.   Otherwise, they can be ordered by themselves below.

Random colored graver bands.  Approx 20 to 25 in a bag $5.00
Add To Cart


Practice Brass Plate
Thick (1/4" thick) so there is
no vibration of the plate while engraving
making it ideal for a practice plate. 
2"X2" square x 1/4" thick

Brass Practice plate

$11 each

Firearms Engraving Transfer System
by Mike Dubber & Les Schowe
Order direct from the website:

For more information about the fireares transfer system vist this thread in the engraving forum

Order direct from the Mike Dubber and Les Schowe at the website:


Mild Steel Practice Plates

Order custom sized practice plates.  Customs lengths and quantity. To prevent vibration while engraving use thicker plates. 1/4" to 3/8" thick plates are ideal.

2"x2"x3/8" $1.60 each
Order direct from

Cindy and Scott at Scottee-Shirts is providing t-shirts, (short and long sleeve) and hoodies with PalmControlŽ and scroll designs. Check out the caveman master engraver Cindy drew. Select the images and locations on the shirts and order direct from Scottee-Shirts site. Thanks again Cindy.   Scottee-Shirts site

Image to the right is one of the shirt
PalmControlŽ designs. 
Click to enlarge


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