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Metal Engraving Tool News

Recent Information to the AirGravers will be announced on this page.  If you have visited before and want to check what is new, take a look here first.

New site: HoboCarvers.com (Defacing Currency for Fun & Profit)

Low Profile Turntable Vise

Engraver's Sanding Block
For securing sandpaper strips. Length of the sanding block is 2.5".  Cut your sandpaper 0.5" wide x 4.75" long.


How To Carve A Hobo Nickel Skull  -  by Paolo Curcio (MrThe)
DVD Learn how to Carve a Hobo Nickel.  Master carver and engraver Paolo "Mrthe" Curcio goes through the whole process, from beginning to end, of carving a Hobo Nickel Skull. It is great to see Mrthe's techniques in carving. A casting of the coin carved is included with the DVD that is helpful in a study aid and a collectors item itself. 
For more information and to order direct from MrtheHoboNickels.com/dvd-sales.  --Click here--

Click photo for high resolution image.



New how-to book
Engraving Historic Firarms

By John Schippers


Scroll Drawing for Dummies  $25 (Visit Accessories for Engraving)
by Paul Hamler

20 pages of printed drawings formatted in circles the size of a CD (no tab card size drawings) it IS NOT an electronic CD you can put in the computer. The 20 pages of drawings include numerous examples of leave styles, starting scroll formats, many backbone examples and simple completed scroll drawings made from the included leave examples.

Bulino Template Set (visit the graver sharpening page)

The most popular of the V templates used to make bulino points are combined in a set.  Includes: 80V, 90V, 105V, 120V and the Phil Coggan Bulino template.
Bulino Set $99
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New Stipple Templates: Used to make a 3/32" square graver blank into a stipple point (visit the graver sharpening page)

Light weight piston for Classic and Artisan handpieces
A lighter weight piston than the standard piston comes with the Classic and Artisan AirGraver®.  The light weight piston is available with and without a nylon front hammering end.  A nylon front end impacts softer yet and also provides even quieter impacts.  (visit the AirGraver® overview page)
ight weight w/o nylon

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Light weight with nylon
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Coming soon...
Clamp this in a vise and use for inside ring engraving.
Dual axis to easily tilt a ring without need of tilting the vise or re-clamping in the jaws.
Click photo to enlarge


Nickel holder  
for hobo nickel carving or practice engraving on a nickel. 
Made from stainless steel
(visit the AirGraver® overview page)

Nickel Holder -- $39.00


New Website: EngravingLessons.com -  Click here to check it out.


May 2010
New NitroG20™ AirGraver®
For engraving extra deep such as in
Motorcycle and Heavier Western Engravings (click picture to enlarge)
Link to product page with NitroG20 handpiece.

April 2010
PalmControl® and Goliath Engraving Vises now available. 

Jan. 2010
Barry Lee Hands gold engraving work on PalmControl® Damascus handle.  More information on the engraving forum.

Dec 2009
New construction and building for Lindsay Engraving Tools.  Information and photos on the engraving forum. 

June 2009
New and updated Engraving Resources sites

June 2009
Stainless and Damascus handles for PalmControl® AirGravers

May 2009
Lindsay Quick Change extension for Classic and PalmControl® handpieces

April 2009
Scottee-Shirts is providing t-shirts, (short and long sleeve) and hoodies with Lindsay PalmControl® AirGraver® and scroll designs. Check out the caveman master engraver Cindy drew.  Select the images and locations on the shirts and order direct from
Scottee-Shirts site.

April 2009  Super nice cutting thick brass practice plates
April 2009  New Carbalt gravers
April 2009
 Chisel for hammer and Chisel engraving

March 2009   Steve Lindsay Engraving Videos ~ 11 hours worth, free online 

Templates for Master Engraver Carl Bleile's Graver Points

Check Product page for more information

Manual Palm-Push adjustable length graver with supple Santoprene rubber handle (click to enlarge).  

Check Product page for more information


Graver with sharpener kit:
Manual Palm-Push stainless adjustable length graver with sharpener.

Check Product page for more information


Jan  2009
The Official HandEngravingForum.com site now has Photo Albums for members.  These albums are displayed on the front page of the forum for everyone to enjoy.  You are invited to join our forum, learn the art as well as help other engraver, jewelers and artists as they learn.   www.EngravingForum.com

Dec. 2008
Over ten hours of videos of hand engraving are free on youtube.  Watch these videos on-line with your computer.   The Llindsay AirGraver® tools are used throughout the videos.  See and hear how these tools make hand engraving easier than any tool before it.  One of the projects that  being engraved in the videos is a SR Johnson knife that is valued over $50,000.  The collector of the piece, Dave Ellis of
www.exquisiteknives.com was  recently offered $30,000 for the completed knife and turned it down.   These videos are a great aid for those learning to engrave. 
Videos page 1

Videos page 2
Videos page 3
Videos page 4


Completed photo of the SRJ knife that was engraved in some of the videos.  Click to enlarge. 

Sept. 2008
Larger version of the Glide-Lock engraving vise.  Info on the vise page. 

Sept. 2008
Two more new templates are available for the sharpening system.  They are the Phil Coggan bulino template and the round bottom template. 

March 2008
Two new templates are available for the patent pending sharpening system. 
1:Flat & Knife Combo for making flats or a small undercut gold inlay graver.
2: 70 V Bulino Uniform-Parallel point™ Used with a heel for lines or without a heel for bulino dots.

Jan. 2008
Glide-Lock Engraving vise

Jan. 2008:
Bulls-Eye positioning vise is patented
Title of Patent: Rotating positioning vise
The legal enforceable claims of the device are protecting the magnetic lock used in a vise or holding apparatus. 

Jan. 2008: Lindsay Sharpener is released

Jan. 2008: Lynton McKenzie book now available


June, 2007 Update
Knife Sold

Feb, 2006
Knife For Sale:
Lindsay-Lindsay #5
Commissioned and purchased by a U.S. collector in Dec. 1994.  Due to recent illness the collector is selling the knife. $110,000 or best offer.   Visit this link for more information and photos.  The art knife is featured on the cover of the book, "Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives", by David Darom. 

April, 2007
EngravingSchool.com is updated

March, 2007
AirGravers now available with stabilized exotic burl wood handles
Click picture to enlarge

Sept, 2006
An insight on the United States Patent System by Michael Artemis

Sept 5, 2006
Old engraving books found online for viewing.
Link to forum thread about the books.

The Lindsay Graver Point Geometry
More information about the point geometry

Nov, 2005
Information about the PalmControl®
, CO2 and the evolution of the AirGraver® is added to EngravingSchool.com  

Feb, 2004
PalmControl® AirGraver®; NO MORE FOOT PEDALS!
  A Variable hand pressure activated handle for the AirGravers has been developed, patented.
The legal enforceable claims of the patent protect a hand push pressure activated power tool used in the hand engraving and jewelry fields.  The PalmControl® utilizes the palm pressure and grip used traditionally by engravers and jewelers. Learning to engrave with the PalmControl® comes naturally since it is not necessary to coordinate the hand and foot.  The hand is more sensitive than the foot and capable of subtle corrections giving improved responsiveness to the tool and work. 

Feb., 2003
New Book
mixes inspirational Knife Art & Engraving with how-to information.  To be first unveiled at the New York custom knife show March 7, 8, 9, 2003.

June, 2002
Artist Adone Pozzobon
has written a new review about the AirGravers on the EngravingArts WebSite.



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