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Custom Engraving Vises and Turntables


Ray Letourneau Engraving Vise
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Ray Letourneau makes a nice ball vise. It has a great deal of mass at 45lbs. Ray makes these himself, along with a unique adjustable palm push graver handle/holder that is the invention of master engraver Robert Swartley. The vise is available through Ray at $525 each plus shipping, as are the graver handles.

Contact Ray direct to order or inquire: (503) 397-6228.


Engraver Bryan Bridges has developed a motorized turntable and patented it.

  • Smooth running forward or reverse.
  • Foot or hand variable speed control with easy centering.
  • Classes offered for new machine buyers.

Bryan Bridges says it should be able to double an engraverís output of scroll engraving per hour with less effort, and that it is easier to maintain top quality work.

Reading through the patent helps to understand the concept of how it works Patent 6,915,725

Contact Bryan Bridges for more information.
Phone: 480-777-3959


John Madole "Pilot Wheel" Engraving Vise

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John Madole "Pilot Wheel" Engraving Vise
Maximum jaw opening 3 3/4"
Approximate weight 34 lbs.

Description from letter written by Mr. Madole:
"I use my vise on a turntable  It is never a problem with the vise moving while I'm engraving, but very easy and quick to slide the vise by hand to get the part of the work piece under center of focus Very little effort is needed to loosen the threaded ring (pilot wheel) to tip the vise for positioning the work piece. I bump one of the handles with a back handed fist or heel of my hand to loosen and with thumb and fore finger snap the ring back to lock the ball. I do this without taking my eyes away from the microscope. To level the vise with the base, a spring loaded ball end plunger takes care of that."
John Madole passed away Oct. 2002. He will be missed by a lot of friends.