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Tools for metal engraving, stone & pave setting for
jewelers, engravers and metal artists

Improved and innovative engraving tool technology allows every
engraver, jeweler and metal artist to reach their full potential (see what's new)

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The AirGraver® is a self-running, miniature air engine tool using no springs or electricity. Just blowing in the handpiece will cause it to run. As this is impractical, the handpiece utilizes one of two types of controllers. One controller is a set of regulators that attaches to an air compressor and a foot pedal. The second option is a PalmControl® handle that automatically uses the natural palm pressure of the user on the entire handle to control and vary the power of the tool. Even if a person is accustomed to foot pedal engraving, a few minutes with the PalmControl® is all it takes to realize the improved responsiveness. The hand is more sensitive than the foot and capable of subtle corrections. Because the tool is self-contained, there is no constant background noise or vibration from a separate power unit.     

Most professional engraving artists and jewelers could probably engrave with any tool and turn out nice work given enough time, however tools with improved design help make the hand engraving process easier and quicker.  The AirGraver® is the most advanced system for intuitive ease of use for the professional or beginning engraver.  To discover the difference, enroll, support and learn engraving from hand engraving centers and schools where all equipment on the market is made available for students to work with.  The staff and instructors of these schools are not paid to sell equipment and therefore are unbiased. They are willing to allow students to decide for themselves what works best for them.

Left: Rolex Watch engraved using the precision Lindsay AirGraver®
Right: Glide-Lock Engraving Vise

The Lindsay PalmControl® can increase the speed of learning compared to foot pedal engraving. This is because the PalmControl® is intuitive and natural in the sense that what is done with your hand is what you get.  There is no need to learn to coordinate continual foot movement to every hand movement. 

Left: PalmControl® AirGraver® is available with exhibition grade burl handle.

Holland & Holland by Phil Coggan
In-progress photo showing custom made PalmControl® graver extension.
“As far as I’m concerned, the Lindsay PalmControl® AirGraver® is worth every penny.”
 Phil Coggan, United Kingdom


Hartmann and Weiss System, Hagn Stocked by Jerry Fisher engraved by Barry Lee Hands. Winner of FEGA 2009 Best engraved rifle and Engraver's Choice award of Merit. "The Lindsay Patented PalmControl® is by far the simplest, easiest to use engraving device ever made." Barry Lee Hands, Bigfork, Montana

Perazzi by Carl Bleile (in progress)
“Using the Lindsay Artisan for the first time I found it to have a wide range of power from removing background to doing fine line shading and all this in a compact tool.” Carl Bleile, North Bend, Ohio




“2006 CCA "Louisville Gun" Engraved by Mike Dubber.
Winner of 2009 FEGA Best Engraved Hand Gun ”The delicate touch and control of the Lindsay PalmContol allows me to proceed with confidence on jobs I may not have attempted before." Mike Dubber, Evansville, Indiana



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Lindsay engraving tools are the heart of a dramatic change in the ease of learning to hand engrave. With eight patents since 2000 and numerous patents pending, Lindsay Engraving provides tools that are making hand engraving easier and faster then ever before. With tools designed and made by a professional engraving artist, Lindsay Engraving, Inc. is the leader in hand engraving tool innovation.\

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I just can't think of enough words to say my TOTAL SATISFACTION with Lindsay Engraving Equipment!!!  I am completely in AWE of this too!
Julie Warenski                                                               Additional Feedback

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