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90 Pound Titan Engraving Vise™ - Ordering Page
There is a 2nd page for the Titan vise called
Uncrating & lifting the 90lb TITAN Vise
Made in Nebraska, USA!

Click photos to enlarge. 
Ordering information at the bottom of this page

The hardened pin-plates are shown removed. There are two sets of bolt holes on the jaws that can used for holding down custom fixtures.

Titan Vise is so large a PalmControl vise will even
fit in its jaws. 

Brake screw with 10 turns of adjustment

Since the jaws are threaded, various fixtures can be made and bolted down. 
The wood jaws shown above were made for the 6" Goliath Vise and Turntable vise
but they also fit the smaller of the two bolt patterns on the Titan Vise.
These wood jaws look small on the Titan but will still work depending on what
you are holding.  They are shown as example ideas for making your own
larger ones.  You may contact us if you have a special request.

The Vise Holding Accessory kit will also fit the Titan with the smaller of the
two bolt patterns at the top of the jaws.

Because the 90lbs ball is difficult to pick up with your hands,
a lifting plate and handle is included.   View the page link below for more information about
this and how to uncrate the vise when it arrives.
Instructions - Uncrating the 90lb TITAN Engraving Vise


90lb. Titan Engraving Vise™ Features: 

*Stainless steel construction
*Jaws, pin-plates and lead screw are hardened stainless
*3/4" diameter acme lead screw
*Precision machined
*Adjustable friction drag
*Pin-plates have pin holes with a smaller hole through the plate for ease of cleaning out pin holes.
*Two sets of threaded holes in jaws accept pin-plates or custom fixtures
*8" Body Diameter
*9" Base Diameter
*Height from bottom of base to top of jaws 8.25" (with pin-plates)
*Jaw width 4.75"
*Jaw height 3.25" (with pin plate)
*Maximum jaw opening 4.5"
*Includes pin-plates, pins, base and wrenches
*Weight 90 lbs.  (Shipping weight with crate 102 lbs.)

90lb. Titan Ball Vise
$100 flat rate shipping within USA


Concerning shipping.  After you order we will double check shipping cost and get back with you about any changes. Either extra cost or refund. If sending a check or wire please wait to hear from us after you order. If you don't hear from us in 12 hours please send an email. steve@lindsyengraving.com Vises ship by FedEx ground. We have not had good luck with USPS for vises.

Pins for pin-plates information

The Titan vise ships with eight hardened 5/8" long pins that will
protrude 1/4" above the pin-plates.  Purchase additional pins below.

The pin-plates accept 3/16" diameter pins.  Both hardened and annealed pins are available.  The hardened pins can break off if given enough pressure.   If a pin is snapped off, the broken pin can easily be removed by removing the two screws that hold the pin plate down.  A small punch can knock the broken pin out from the back side.  

Hardened pins
5/8" long (protrude 1/4" above pin-plates) pack of ten $7.00
11/16" long (protrude 5/16" above pin-plates) pack of ten $7.00
3/4" long (protrude 3/8" above pin-plates) pack of ten $8.00
7/8" long (protrude 1/2" above pin-plates) pack of ten $9.00

Annealed steel pins
Given enough pressure these will bend rather than break.
3/4" long (protrude 3/8" above pin-plates) pack of ten $11.50

Brass pins
Brass is less marring to items being held, however they will bend and dent more easily than annealed steel pins.  
3/4" long (protrude 3/8" above pin-plates) pack of ten $14.00

Instructions - Uncrating the 90lb TITAN Engraving Vise™

Vises home page link


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