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AirGraver Features and Benefits

The AirGraver® is a self-running, miniature air engine using no springs or electricity. Just blowing in the handpiece will cause it to run. As this is impractical, the handpiece utilizes one of two types of controllers. One controller is a set of regulators that attaches to an air compressor and a foot pedal. The second option is a PalmControl® handle that automatically uses the natural palm pressure of the user on the entire handle to control and vary the power of the tool. Even if a person is accustomed to foot pedal engraving, a few minutes with the PalmControl® is all it takes to realize the improved responsiveness. The hand is more sensitive than the foot and capable of subtle corrections. Because the tool is self-contained, there is no constant background noise or vibration from a separate power unit.   

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Lindsay PalmControl and the GRS Airtact

PalmControl or Airtact ?




SPM speed range
(Strokes per Minute)
Stainless piston: 2,400-15,000 SPM
Tungsten piston: 1,500-11,000 SPM

Smooth cutting and less point breakage.  When desired the point can move though the metal faster.  Complete engraving projects faster with improved control

No motorized control box needed

No constant background noise or vibration from a motorized control box, less space required

Patented Variable/adjustable piston stroke length

Extremely broad cutting range, increased versatility, only one handpiece needed

No piston spring

Power range not limited by spring strength

PalmControl available
(patented, patents pending)

Eliminates foot pedal; easier to learn; no need to coordinate foot and hand movements; intuitive to “hand” engraving

Controls on handpiece

Make adjustments “on the fly”

Wall-mount regulator

More space on bench

Rubber handle

Non-slip for solid control

Supports pocket sized CO2 operation

Can be used with no electrical connection; completely portable

Air consumption.
0.05 to 0.2CFM
(CFM= Cubic Feet per Minute)

Small air compressor or CO2 bottle operation,
 Compressor will last longer

No collets needed
(Classic AirGraver Only)

Faster, easier tool changes

No tuning required

PSI and impacts speed are always in sync; no need to manually tune one with the other

Patented idle

Prevents possible jump at start of cut

Removable bore
(patent pending)

Self-lubricated and easily replaced

Hardened piston, anvil and nose; stainless body


Optional Tungsten Dead Blow piston  (patent pending)

Additional power if  needed

An advantage to the patented AirGraver design is the speed at which it can move a graver through the metal. The throttle range is possible because the tool's speed and power work together.  If the tool  increased in power but not speed, the result would be more broken points and stair cut marks in the cuts.  Increasing impact speed and power together delivers an improved, wide range of throttle speeds.  An experienced engraver can increase their productivity significantly. 

The Classic AirGraver® includes a ring around the outside of the tool that works in a manner similar to the focusing ring on a camera lens. The ring is used to simultaneously adjust the impact speed and power of the tool. Either the PalmControl® or a foot control pedal is used to vary the air pressure power within each setting range. The mechanism makes one AirGraver handpiece as versatile as a variety of different-sized impacting gravers.

Above: Classic AirGraver setup for foot pedal engraving

The delicate touch and control of the Lindsay PalmControl AirGraver provides me with confidence to proceed with jobs where I probably would not have before.
Mike Dubber                                                                            Additional Feedback

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